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About KSL

About Us

Who We Are

KSL Security Solutions was initially founded in 1921 as SBS, a typewriter service company serving companies in Massachusetts. In early 2000, the company was transformed into “KSL Security Solutions,” a company specializing in physically locking down equipment to prevent theft for clients in the Greater Boston area and across the country.

What We Do

KSL Security Solutions provides high-quality and cost-effective physical security equipment for our clients. We install locks, cables, alarm systems, and other security equipment to help prevent the theft of valuable items, such as IT or AV equipment. We have certified technicians that live in the Greater Boston area so that our products and can be installed in a responsive, efficient, and professional manner. However, if you are not located in the Greater Boston Area, we have in-house security specialists and detailed installation instructions to assist with the lock-down process.

We help our clients:

  • Identify potential security threats
  • Determine the best security solutions for their needs
  • Lock down valuable equipment
  • Prevent physical theft

KSL offers a wide range of physical security solutions in order to meet every client's specific needs. We've performed thousands of lock-downs in the Greater Boston area and have assisted with a great deal more in locations throughout the US. We currently enjoy relationships with hundreds of clients throughout the country who rave about the products and services we offer.

Our Values

Integrity – Treat our business and customers the right way
Integrity means that we treat our employees, clients, and the KSL brand in the right way. We stand behind our organization and its products and promote our business in an accurate and professional manner.

Loyalty – Faithful to our employees and our clients
We value our clients’ business and our employees’ dedication to excellence.

Reliability – Can be trusted to do what we say we will do
We deliver a product that customers can rely upon. Their business relies upon KSL and we do our best to keep them running in an efficient, effective, and productive manner.

Courtesy – Treat others in a polite, respectful, and considerate manner
We treat others as we would like to be treated at all times. We expect the same from our employees and customers and therefore promote relationships that value mutual-respect.

Commitment – Dedicated to carrying out our purpose
We work diligently to carry out our company’s vision and provide the best products and services we can. We try to grow the business by establishing positive relationships and adhering to industry best practices.